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Virginia Kraus, MD, PhD Duke University School of Medicine

Dr. Virginia Byers Kraus is an international expert in the field of aging and osteoarthritis biomarker research, Virginia is the director of the biochemical pathways core facility the Duke Pepper Older Americans Independence Center; ongoing co-PI of the large current Foundation for NIH Osteoarthritis Biomarkers project qualifying biomarkers to establish new drug development and clinical trial tools; serves as Chair of the NIH sponsored biomarkers consortium and Chair of the OARSI/FDA Biomarkers Working Group; and is PI of her own R01 (AG054840-01A1) entitled Epigenetic Mechanisms Promoting Longevity. Virginia has been developing the miRNA signatures from produced by calorie restriction using CALERIE biospecimens and testing models of caloric restriction on miRNA production in microphysiologic systems of skeletal muscle with collaborators to understand potential cross-communication among tissues in the setting of calorie restricted diets.  This latter work is being performed in collaboration with the CALERIE Research Network and our Molecular Physiology Working Group.


Caloric Restriction Alters the Metabolic Response to a Mixed-Meal: Results from a Randomized, Controlled Trial

Effect of Caloric Restriction with and without Exercise on Metabolic Intermediates in Nonobese Men and Women.