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Ongoing Calerie Projects

Projects in Process

  1. Epigenetic mechanisms in aging promoting longevity: Effects of caloric restriction on microRNA in plasma and muscle.
    V.B. Kraus and miRNA Working Group. (targeted miRNA profile of 32 targets)
  2. Peripheral blood DNA methylation: correlation and mechanisms of biologic aging modified by caloric restriction.
    D. Belsky  (global peripheral blood DNA methylation; Illumina 850K Epic chip)
  3. Investigating the dynamics of systemic metabolites, adiposity and cardiovascular function during long-term calorie restriction.
    Wahyu Wulaningsih  (NMR-based metabolomics platform)


In Review

  1. W. Kraus, L. Fontana.
    Effects of two years of caloric restriction on markers of cardiometabolic health


  1. Dora Il-yasova, L. Redman.
    The relationship of change in F2-isoprostanes to metabolic adaptation.


  1. S. Das, L. Redman
    Effects of CR on metabolism and energy balance
  2. L. Redman
    Biomarkers of calorie restriction in humans: relationship with age, adiposity and energy intake variables
  3. S. Roberts
    Caloric restriction: predictors of caloric restriction achieved
  4. A. Rickman, C. Bales
    Intervention success: which elements of the CR intervention are associated with treatment "success"
  5. C. Bales
    CALERIE Diets: nutritional quality of diets self-selected by non-obese participants