Available Statistical Support

Since the inception of the CALERIETM I studies, final data management and the vast majority of day-to-day analysis has been performed by Manjushri Bhapkar.  Ms. Bhapkar is a skilled database programmer and statistician who continues these roles in this U24 center grant.  Ms. Bhapkar has several roles in CALERIETM:

DATABASE MAINTENANCE: There are occasional changes in the main database which need to be updated in the database on the website.  Additionally, when specimens are requested, after analysis, the result data values are sent back to the data center and absorbed into the main database. Finally, Ms. Bhapkar maintains the identity link between the specimens and the extant database for the main trial. 

REQUESTS FOR SAMPLES: At the point of an approved request for samples by the steering committee, she serves as intermediator between the requesting study and the specimen storage facility, insuring that the requested specimens are mailed and, after analysis, remaining samples are returned and specimen data are linked to the main trial information.

DATABASE ASSISTANCE: Advice on procedures and methods for linking databases to produce analysis work files is available.  Ms. Bhapkar’s extensive experience using and analyzing CALERIETM provides an invaluable resource for both common and innovative ways to produce data files appropriate for addressing individual scientific questions using CALERIETM.  Building the databases is generally performed in SAS. However, using the comma delimited CSV CALERIETM files, users can transfer the CALERIETM database to any analytic programs.

ANALYSIS ASSISTANCE:  Along with Dr. Carl Pieper, Ms. Bhapkar can provide analytic assistance – informing on the analysis methods used in prior CALERIETM analyses, providing advice on data handling as these decisions interface with statistical procedures, and advising on methods employed to date in CALERIETM which incorporate the common and unique design issues inherent in the analysis of a longitudinal clinical trial.  Depending on the level of complexity, analytic questions using CALERIETM will be addressed by either Ms. Bhapkar or Dr. Carl Pieper.  While assistance and advice are freely offered, programming is not available from CALERIETM without prior approval by the steering committee. 

To contact CALERIETM with requests for assistance please email: calerie@duke.edu.