Ongoing Projects

Projects in Process

  1. Epigenetic mechanisms in aging promoting longevity: Effects of caloric restriction on microRNA in plasma and muscle.
    V.B. Kraus and miRNA Working Group. (targeted miRNA profile of 32 targets)
  2. Peripheral blood DNA methylation: correlation and mechanisms of biologic aging modified by caloric restriction.
    D. Belsky  (global peripheral blood DNA methylation; Illumina 850K Epic chip; global peripheral blood and skeletal muscle gene expression via RNA seq)
  3. Investigating the dynamics of systemic metabolites, adiposity and cardiovascular function during long-term calorie restriction.
    Wahyu Wulaningsih (Metabolon Metabolomics Platform)
  4. Responses to Calorie Restriction in Blood Cell Telomere Length in Humans.
    Idan Shalev
  5. Biomarkers of Cognitive Health in CALERIE.
    Daniel Parker
  6. Mathematical modeling of weight loss, metabolic adaptation and Caloric restriction.
    Aoife Egan
  7. Modeling the Relationship of Isoprostanes and Weight Loss in CALERIE.
    Dora Ilyyasova
  8. Effect of FTO and other obesity polymorphisms on weight loss and energy intake in response to prolonged calorie restriction.
    James Dorling
  9. Adipose Tissue Carbonylome and Sustained Calorie Restriction.
    Salim Merali
  10. Effects of meal timing during CR.
    Satchidananda Panda and Sai Das
  11. Plasma and muscle IGF Binding Protein changes with CR
    Melissa Orenduff and Stephen Hursting
  12. Aging Biomakers and Senescence
    Nathan LeBrasseur
  13. Muscle and AdiposeProteomic Senescence Signatures
    Birgit Schilling
  14. Building a multi-tissue DNA methylation database for the CALERIE Trial
    Steve Horvath
  15. Identifying novel secreted factors that mediate the rejuvenating effects of calorie restriction
    James White


In Review


  1. Dora Il-yasova, L. Redman.
    The relationship of change in F2-isoprostanes to metabolic adaptation.


  1. S. Das, L. Redman
    Effects of CR on metabolism and energy balance
  2. L. Redman
    Biomarkers of calorie restriction in humans: relationship with age, adiposity and energy intake variables
  3. S. Roberts
    Caloric restriction: predictors of caloric restriction achieved
  4. A. Rickman, C. Bales
    Intervention success: which elements of the CR intervention are associated with treatment "success"
  5. C. Bales
    CALERIE Diets: nutritional quality of diets self-selected by non-obese participants